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The Portsmouth Jewels of Hope (PJH) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in 2015 with the vision to provide services and quality of life programs pertaining to economic empowerment, physical and mental health improvement and awareness, and educational development to the underserved families in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia.  The organization’s original name was the Portsmouth Jewels of Hope Foundation, but it was renamed in 2017. 

PJH collaborates with recognized leaders in the Portsmouth community who have garnered excellent reputations among the citizens and city government. Our partners are well-known for their on-going community service initiatives involving mentoring youth and addressing women, men, the elderly, and family health issues.

PJH along with its partners plan to host several activities to support public service and community outreach in the areas of economic development, educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health and social services programs for women, children, families and the elderly in Portsmouth and surrounding areas.  Such activities include: 

• Portsmouth Family Impact Day: This program will offer a day to empower and engage the community with the opportunity to realize their full potential and be productive members of the city.

• Better Boobs: This program seeks to promote Breast Cancer Awareness among African American women in the underserved communities of Portsmouth, VA.  The women in this area still have a high mortality rate from breast cancer or breast cancer is detected in a very late stage.  The program will offer free mammograms to women and a free spa as an incentive to the women to participate in the mammogram screening.  

• Mental Health Across the Lifespan (MHAL) Initiative:  This program will consist of several "Brain Health, Depression and Aging" seminars to be given to the underserved senior citizens living in Portsmouth, VA.  The learning objectives will include: recognizing depressive symptoms, combating cognitive decline, and coping with the emotional impact of death and dying.  The learning activities will consist of: completing a brain health assessment, completing a pre-and-post presentation survey, distributing mood journals and distributing adult coloring books and markers.

• Medicare Made Simple:  This program will seek to a raise awareness with the elderly regarding their Medicare coverage and assist them with understanding the changes that have occurred to the Medicare program.

• Heart Disease Awareness:  This program will educate and raise awareness among the senior citizens in underserved areas of Portsmouth, VA regarding heart disease.  Seminars on the following topics will be given: "What is a Heart Healthy Diet –Let’s Eat to Live!"; "Preventing Strokes – Facing Life After a Stroke"; and Let’s Talk Medicine – Prescription Knowledge.  The learning activities will consist of distributing health journals; performing analysis of senior citizen's prescription medicines for indications of drug interactions, duplications and appropriateness of use; and teaching seniors how to use home monitoring blood pressure kits.

Directors assisting with cleaning up a Portsmouth neighborhood.

Directors assisting with cleaning up a Portsmouth neighborhood.